(3) Steps to end 2020 strong for your business.

End 2020 strong

You have agreed unanimously that 2020 is NOT cancelled!

Last week in a short post via LinkedIn many professionals and business owners collectively agreed that there is still hope in 2020. I know personally for the MSME sector there is uncertainty as the impacts from the pandemic has almost cut the oxygen supply for these businesses. Do not lose hope!


Here are (3) steps you can use to still end your 2020 strong:



Review your CRM. If you do not have a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool; now will be a good time to consider one. You can ask about recommending a solution for your business. The CRM would give you a good idea about those customers who were potentially going to buy or contract with you in Q3 and Q4. Are those potential customers still viable options?

How about existing customers? What additional services can you add to their existing purchase that they will be willing to buy? For example, a Villa rental can offer airport pickups etc.

What about those customers that had to cancel in Q1 and Q2? Be sure to give them a call or send an email letting them know of a possible incentive if they book/contract with you by end of year for 2021.


Stay connected with your ideal customer on all channels. Would you be considering any promotions soon or to the end of the year? If so, then plan! Keep the end goal in mind and work backwards.

Continuously ensure your content has a purpose of ultimately converting your audience to customers. Still have not mastered this? You can connect with us on a virtual 1:1 session on content creation for your business.

Who are you and why should a customer buy from you? If you have missed this at the very start of establishing your business, then your customers are missing your message completely. Consider this along with marketing assets for Q4 2020 and Q1 2021.

Keep Scrolling


Monitor your money! This is a consistent action by any business owner. Are you keeping track of your expenses and accounts receivables? This applies to a small business owner who may opt to keep a track on his/her own or a medium sized business owner who has hired an accountant. In either case you must still know what is outgoing and what is coming in!

Cut costs. You should be cutting unnecessary costs at this time and working with vendors to provide you with the best prices. Are you a part of an Association or know similar businesses that provide the same services? Why not connect and propose vendors work with you based on economies of scale?  


It will be remiss of me not to drop a nugget on Customer Service! Remember the pandemic has impacted how you or employees create a customer experience for your clients. For example, you may now see an uptick with messages, calls and emails to how your business has reopened and the various processes or protocols in place (especially if you are service based). So be sure to create an infographic or even a FAQ on your website to address these questions and concerns.

Let us connect soon on how we can help your business still finish strong!

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