Open For Business Mini-Series. Episode 1 was amazing! Click to read.

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The Open for Business Mini-Series has started with a bang! What is the Open for Buisness Mini-Series all about? This Mini-Series was created to highlight the journey of the Caribbean Entrepreneur, hear their stories about the impacts of COVID-19, surviving quarantine and learn how they choose to re-align and pivot their businesses as they re-open.

This Mini-Series is undoubtedly a powerful resource for you the entrepreneur. It has proven to be packed with useful and actionable information from the very start.   

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In episode 1, I welcome CEO Cook Caribbean Inc, Barbados – Mr. Adrian Cumberbatch.

Chef Adrian brings a Caribbean flair to his food that is not only attractive to the eyes, but even more palatable on the taste buds!

He shares how he gets started in his own business and highlights the following:

  • The power of your network
  • Learning from the best
  • Getting creative to ensure cash flow.
  • Ensuring structure for your business as you scale
  • Forecasting
  • And more!
Do not just take my word for it. Check out the interviews via this link