“But No One Is Buying.” True or False?

Is this opinion true for your business? I posed the question to a few entrepreneurs and business owners alike and there was a common thread in the responses.

That common thread shows that the opinion stated is not entirely true. Many persons admitted that sales were very difficult but with a gradual re-open there was some measured return of buyers confidence.

In probing further, most entrepreneurs and business owners indicated that closing a sale or gaining a new sale came from some adjustment. It meant an adjustment to their offer, asking the customer what they needed at this time and creating new streams of revenue and/or even adding digital tools to their business model. 


Therefore, without any doubt we can safely say that persons are still in the market for buying. The question is has your business made the adjustment?

Additionally, we know that a possible second ‘stay at home’ order can be detrimental to many businesses. It means therefore that as entrepreneurs and business owners we have to do a very good job at not only observing the necessary health and safety protocols but you need to ensure that you and your business are better prepared the second time around!

How can you be prepared?

  • Consider product development. 
  • Consider finalizing your website that has a check out page.
  • Consider the use of selling via video to build engagement and guide your customers.
  • Consider tweaking your offer.
  • Consider using your own digital assets (like your website and social media) to build awareness and increase traffic! 
  • Consider online payment systems.
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