5 Ways to Effectively Market Yourself

5 ways to effectively market yourself

As an Entrepreneur or Businessowner you sometimes may want to shrink to the background and promote your business separate and apart from you. As I grow my business, I see the value in showing up and letting persons know about the services of Consulting Services by King and Associates and the person behind the brand. The truth is people do business with people they know like and trust, not with a company.

Here are (5) Ways to Effectively Market Yourself and Increase your Brand Visibility

Make the Investment in Yourself

I always say that you need to make an investment in yourself if you are helping customers solve problems or add value to their lives. In other words, you cannot offer taxation advice if you do not understand and have knowledge about taxes. Additionally, the expectation is not to know everything but to know enough to sufficiently assist your customer. Making a solid investment in yourself (certification, online class etc.) also helps to boost your confidence level.

Define Your Personality and Share Your Story

This has been a personal ‘aha’ moment for me that I must thank Jamila Bannister for when I read the ‘Brandprint’. Have you ever taken the time to understand your personality and define it in one word? Your personality ensures that persons can relate to you. You appear ‘human’. Your story however makes you memorable, for example J.K Rowling and her rags to riches story from being a single parent on Government assistance and multiple rejections from publishers to her mammoth success with the Harry Potter books. Bannister in her book further said that you must learn to ‘leverage your personality and story inorder to build relationships with your customers’. Are you?

Create Valuable and Engaging Content

Content makes a big difference in helping your ideal customer notice you over your competitor. I know churning out content can be tiresome, but I can confidently say that for a sales fanatic like myself, I have had some excellent leads (that converted too) from my content. Content should help your ideal customer solve a problem, educate your ideal customer, or even help shed light on a problem they never knew they had or a possible solution to a problem they have been trying to resolve. Content is a sure way of getting your message out and attracting customers.

Network within your industry

While presenting I made a point in saying that as women, we needed to do a better job at networking. Networking is not a bad word. The only sure way of being successful in these times is to be able to create a network and build relationships that will help you have more opportunities. Your network is not about vanity metrics! For example, referring an associate within your industry to a new client with a specialized service request or being a guest on one of your industry colleague’s podcasts. Get better at building relationships and monetizing your network.


Build a Community

According to Social Media Today, during the pandemic, there has been a surge in online communities. A recent survey showed that respondents from Latin America, Africa, Europe and the USA, almost 77% indicated that being a part of an online community is one of their most important groups to be a part of. Are you also taking the time to create your own or start being a member of one that is valuable to your growth and business?

So that’s your 5 tips sealed and delivered. Remember also that this helps with your brand visibility once people begin to know about you through your marketing efforts, they will begin to formulate ideas about who you are, and your business based on your messaging. I often say that the strength of your brand is what people say when you are not in the room and what they are saying to others about you.

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