Consulting Services by King and Associates Limited was established to fulfill the developmental needs of service businesses in the Caribbean.

The founders of CBKAL come from backgrounds in the hospitality and banking sector with specialties in Business Development, Customer Service, Compliance, Technical Support, Sales, and Marketing. With a burning desire to ‘do more’ and serve the Caribbean and its diaspora, CBKAL became a reality and today helps servicepreneurs (entrepreneurs who provide services) and service businesses in the growth stage (beyond 2 years old) with increasing their sales, improving their brand visibility, and nurturing key customer relationships.

Here is how we have impacted a few of our clients:

  • Developed sales processes for a boutique style business
  • Created a sales strategy and sales contract for a rental based property
  • Implemented a Customer Relationship Management System
  • Resolved Facebook Advertising challenges and provided best practices via Ads Manager
  • Completed digital audits of social media sites for a consulting business
  • Conducted revenue management training workshops

Testimonial for Consulting Services by King and Associates Limited