How to capture new Customers with Content

In a recent poll I conducted; 80% of the respondents (mainly small business owners) indicated that they would use a mix of sales and marketing activities to attract customers as businesses reopen. This immediately took me back to the 2nd webinar of the Sales Redesign Series which focused on how you (the business owner) can keep connected with your customers through content and attract new customers too!

Here is a short clip from that webinar (click and listen to the end);

Moreover, you should not see content creation as a chore for you. If it is, probably it is time to outsource this activity so that you can continue to be strategic about your business. What you should do however, is see content as a valuable tool and relationship builder between your business and your ideal customer. As I would often say, great content is relevant, helps solve a problem and creates a like and trust relationship with your customers.

So, my advice would be to get clear on why you are creating a piece of content before you post. Do not choose to post because you believe everyone is doing this and so you should too!

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