As Business Re-Opens. What next?

How have you been as businesses re-open? Personally, I am extremely excited to see businesses reopen and look forward to a cautious but decisive approach to re-opening of the borders (albeit international may take longer).  However, what I am not so excited about is some business owners losing the momentum and learning from the last 3 months and not acting. You DO NOT want to be that business.


Over the last (3) months the Sales Redesign Series has been 70% FREE and accessible to businesses like yours that are revisiting and adjusting their sales and branding activities. Recently the ‘Social Media Toolkit’ webinar taught small business owners how to effectively sell through their content and use their insights to create better content for their audience and select better content formats that are more appealing to their audience. There were so many great nuggets from this webinar. Want to see a clip from this webinar? Send us an email with subject line ‘Send Clip’.


Here is another satisfied attendee’s testimonial:

Testimonial by Samise Villa


If you are still in the auditing phase where you are assessing the impact of COVID-19 on your business and possibly your costs and forecasts and strategizing the next steps; that is great! Remember a well created plan is just that… a plan. You will only see the benefits of a well laid plan when it is implemented and put to the test. Is your business equipped to see this through or do you need the support and accountability to successfully do so? Here is how Consulting Services by King and Associates Limited can help (available via 1:1 sessions/ group and virtual workshops too):


  1. Content Creation
  2. Email Marketing
  3. Social Media Marketing
  4. Sales Strategy, Techniques and Tools
  5. Revenue Management: Forecasting tools, Pricing and Distribution channels
  6. Contracts
  7. Customer Service
  8. Setting up E- Commerce solutions (Coming soon**)
  9. Website Development (Coming soon**)
  10. Ask and we will assist!


Thanks again for your time. The Sales Redesign Series ends on Wednesday 17 June, 2020 but our relationship surely does not end there. Stay tuned for more great content and insights for your business. You can also follow and connect with Consulting Services by King and Associates Limited via Facebook and Instagram too!