My Biggest Lesson In The Time Of Carona!


Truth is I gauged my success by numbers. I am after all sales oriented and would always say numbers do not lie! So, when I created content, I would say things like ‘I should get over 100 views on this video or an enrolment of 30 persons for this webinar.’ That was my internal metric of my message’s success in reaching my ideal customer. Wrong!


Fast forward to the lesson. If businessowners want to do better at reaching their ideal customer; it will take a few ‘takes’, ‘editing buttons’, ‘tweaks’ because as your business and your brand evolves, so does that ideal customer.  Additionally, growing sales means learning the art of having great conversations on repeat with those very same persons. I have tried and tested this and yes, it is indeed true!!


So, what did I do differently after this learning outcome? I conditioned my mind and created content to have a conversation with just one customer who needed the tools or information at that time to make the next step. And one turned into two and two turned into; you catch my drift. The same applies for you!


Having understood well who your ideal customer is; their challenges and pain points, continue to engage with them to learn more.

For example, if you host webinars, be sure to create polls to capture their opinions on specific topics and/or areas that you can assist further on. Additionally, via your Instagram or Facebook stories, create quick polls and ask questions about specific topics or situations and share the results or create content around the results. Finally,  simply ask them in one of your follow calls as to what you can do to add value to their business (whether this bonus experience or added value item is an add on cost; is entirely up to you and your existing cost structure).

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