Do you want back your time?

As an Entrepreneur, have you often wished that you can have some of your time back?

Last week I did the research and there is every reason to. The numbers showed 68% of an Entrepreneur’s day is spent working in the business (outing fires, emails, admin tasks etc.) while 32% of the day is spent on working on the business (strategic decisions, selling, contracting etc.).

Without a doubt; the short answer will be yes to wanting your time back! Have you considered scheduling tools for your social media posts?

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  1. The most obvious benefit is saving time. You will not have to take chunks of time out of your day to post to multiple social media platforms. 
  2. You will be able to get to your ideal customer at the right time. For example, your ideal customer may live in another time zone where 2am is when they are the most active on social media. That however is not the same for you! 
  3. Consistency. That big ‘C’ word that we sometimes lack as Entrepreneurs! Having a scheduling tool means you have content planned in advance as your feed will need to be scheduled. It also means your business shows up on a regular versus ‘now and again’.


Scheduling Tools can definitely work for you and your business. There are native scheduling tools, free and budget tools you can consider. Sign up for the DIY Content Creation and CRM Tools Online Workshop when you click here to learn more!