Sales Fundamentals for the Entrepreneur

Event/Registration Details

Online Event Name– Sales Fundamentals for the Entrepreneur

Date:  Saturday 21 November 2020

Time: 10am – 12noon

Location: Online

Cost: 175TTD

Persons interested in confirming their attendance must make payment on/by Thursday 19 November 2020. There are two payment options available, once registered, an email with payment details and confirmation of contact details is immediately sent.

Bonus: Receive a PDF Course Worksheet upon completion. Entrepreneurs who register and pay by Tuesday 17 November 2020 can win a free 30-minute consultation.


As an Entrepreneur you have passion for what you do. However, you struggle because as the business grows you lack systems that help you keep strategic and productive; you are reluctant to create content because nothing happens when you do and moving a prospective buyer from awareness to an actual sale feels like a lost formula that you missed!

This does not have to be your entrepreneurial experience.

What to expect?

  • An interactive session that is geared towards equipping you the Entrepreneur with the sales fundamentals
  • A map to developing your sales process
  • Content Creation 101 for generating sales
  • How a CRM System can benefit you and a demo of its use for your business