When should I invest in systems?

Last week at the Happy Hour Sizzle (if you missed it, you missed a gem of a great networking event)! This was a question asked by one of the attendees and it also appears to be repeated amongst many Entrepreneurs as their businesses grow. So, when should you?

Did you know?

An Entrepreneur’s typical day is, where 68% of his/her time is spent doing calls, answering emails, performing administrative tasks, and outing fires. Which leaves a mere 32% of his/her time to strategically work on the business, for example, active selling.

When to

If you are at a juncture where you find yourself spending more time working in the business versus working on the business; then you are ready to invest in systems. My tip will be to document all the tasks that you perform daily along with the time spent on those tasks. Additionally, allocate a dollar value to the time spent. Review weekly and ask yourself what non-strategic activities you can now automate via a system (or even outsource virtually). For example , I personally found too much time was spent on sorting through files of clients I ought to be following up with, as such I opted for a CRM system to better manage my customer touch points and segment my client lists for follow up.

Why are systems important?

There are benefits to implementing systems for your small business, they are:

  • Productivity
  • Increased efficiency
  • Organization
  • Consistency
  • Save time and money
  • Attention to customer

What’s next?

November is going to be packed with freebies and online workshops for the Entrepreneur. Be sure to follow via social media for updates and stay tuned for the online workshop ‘Sales Fundamentals for the Entrepreneur’ (see more details when you click here). We also enter the gift giving season and more now than ever you need to upskill, retool and prepare for a changing business environment. Be sure to ask about gift vouchers for your Entrepreneur loved one!