Here’s the Feedback from Sales Redesign Webinars

The Sales Redesign Workshop series was developed with small and medium business owners in mind. The expected launch was May 2nd 2020. However  COVID-19 showed up!  That meant a complete change in the format and topics to ensure relevance and useful information to SMEs. Especially, as they cope with the massive fallout in business  from this virus and its impacts.

Over the  last 4 weeks I delivered 2 out of the 3 proposed webinars for FREE. The topics discussed were “Selling through this Health Crisis. Tips for Business Continuity” and “How to Remain Top of Mind with Content.” The final webinar will take place on Tuesday 28 April, 2020 and would be developed specifically for the Hospitality and Tourism sector further to a special request from an industry attendee.

Moreover, if you will like the playbacks from these webinars please email or call (868) 485-9857.

I am also very excited to share some of the small business owners testimonials that have particpated in the webinars.

See below:

Testimonial of Beats by Candace Testimonails by Play Hooky Testimonial by CEO

Stay tuned for May’s webinars that will discuss and provide you with tools on how businesses like yours can easily sell online.

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