How to Attract New Customers

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For most entrepreneurs and businessowners, 2021 has started off being cautious. From customer interactions, I hear a common thread of ‘let us wait and see’ before making concrete decisions about business activities.  And while I acknowledge the need to be prudent, I am the firm believer that action brings good fortune! In the Caribbean, we are seeing the arrival of vaccines to our shores and one can only hope that in a few months, there will be a renewed confidence by customers and many entrepreneurs and businessowners alike.

 Attract New Customers

Now that you have weathered the storm, you may ask how can my business attract new customers?

I would recommend that you get clear on a methodology that will pull clients to your business. In B.C times (before Corona) your methods might have been very transactional with little to no thought process as to how you attract new customers. You just simply called and asked for the customer’s business or broadcasted your business’ message en masse. In A.C times (after Corona, wait we are still in the pandemic!) the customer and his/her buying behaviour has changed. Therefore, your business must understand how your ideal customer has changed and how your products and services might help them.

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A simple fool proof methodology for attracting new customers is:

        Attract – Engage – Delight

  1. Attract new customers with content that is relevant to them and problems that they are experiencing.
  2. Engage with new customers by asking the right questions, listening, and presenting real solutions. In other words, show the value!
  3. Delight new customers by ensuring that your responses are timely and helpful. Most importantly, ensure they have an experience!

Learn How To

Times have changed. We have all seen it in the last 11 months; so, do not get stuck in using the old methods to attract new customers to your products and services. The truth is it is easier than you think it to be when it becomes your ‘go to’ and a repeatable process.

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