Consulting Services by King and Associates Limited works with micro, small and medium sized business owners who may encounter any of the following challenges:

  1.  Unable to attract new customers.
  2.  Has no idea how to create content for social media platforms
  3.  Not sure who or what is his/her business brand  and how to increase its visibility
  4. Is ready to scale  but lacks the sales process, systems and tools to take the business  to the next step
  5. Has a growing customer base; but misses opportunities for sales and just cannot  keep up or track the multiple calls and emails
  6. Forecasting, Pricing, Package Development etc. seem like foreign terms to you 


  • Sales Strategy, Techniques and Tools
  • Customer Relationship Management Tools
  • Revenue Management
  • Content Creation
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Brand Development
  • Customer Service
  • And more!


  • 1:1 Consulting Session (weekly and/or monthly)
  • Group workshops (virtual or in person)
  • Business intervention (max 6 months)
  • Subscriptions (available from July 31, 2020)
  • Custom (please email your specific inquiry)