Calculating Productivity.

How can you tell if your efforts are costing you more or facilitating the business growth?


In 2020 a business that is calculating its sales productivity is serious about its ongoing profitability.

Within my sales management career; I have had three different Directors that would ask about specific metrics. These metrics assessed the overall productivity of the sales team; they were: 

  1. Deals closed versus quota.
  2. Cost of sales and marketing to acquiring a lead.
  3. Leads converted to confirmed/ booked business.
  4. The number of activities (calls, emails, meetings etc) versus confirmed business.


Calculating productivity through the use of these metrics therefore becomes priority for you as your business grows.

Why? As we co-exist with a pandemic and work remotely how do we know if our inputs are helping us reach our desired outcomes?

In other words, how can we tell if the tools we use and sales reps we have employed are getting our businesses to the results we want?


What if I told you that there is a Customer Relationship Management System that can measure your productivity?

Yes, it really does all the work for you (with the small input off course by you or the sales team). And voila via a reporting tab you can see those grey areas of your sales activities that require work.


With a  click you can instantly understand the sales team/reps productivity with a click.

There is visibility and you can see :

  1. The value of the deals created by your team versus the monthly target/quota. Instantly you know if you are in the red for specific months.
  2. You see the number of new contacts added and if your team were able to actively work those contacts and win new business.
  3. Track and note the possible revenue at each stage of the sales pipeline. That way you see if your sales reps are encountering challenges at any of the stages and provide the help they need with the sales process.


If you are a small business or growing business; there is value in using a CRM System and its analytics to help you calcuate your productivity and off course improve it!

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